Saturday, July 18, 2009


**Full Disclosure**
Yup. You guessed it.

Occasionally, believe it or not, some very, very smart and beautiful/handsome companies and PR gurus contact The Mom Job in hopes that I’ll review their product… Shocker.

In compliance with Full Disclosure (big thanks to the FTC for that one…), I’m letting you know that I gladly accept these free items, but reserve the right to review both the pros and cons of the product. I do not, generally, accept items for review that do not appeal to my demographic (so… I won’t be needing that free month of penis enlargement pills… but thanks). I also reserve the right to accept a product, totally hate it, and send it back.

Lucky for those very, very smart and beautiful/handsome companies and PR gurus, I just happen to have a degree in PR, so I understand what it takes to grind those gears.

It’s also (apparently) necessary for me to tell you that I get these items for free, and although it hasn’t happened yet, I would gladly accept a monetary reimbursement for the review, especially if I need to ship an item - which costs money... hint. hint. (seeing as I took the time and effort to use the product, type up a review and host a giveaway… ).

In case you are one of those very, very smart and beautiful/handsome companies or PR gurus that wish to have your product reviewed by The Mom Job, I feel it’s only proper to tell you that I prefer to host a giveaway with all reviews. This can be done by sending duplicates of the item you are wishing to have reviewed, sending a related product from your arsenal of goodies, offering to send an item after the winner is chosen, or providing a gift card for the winner.

I do this for two reasons. One, my dedicated readers have taken the time to read your review and are now exposed to your product (kudos). Second, if you provide something for a giveaway, traffic picks up and exposes your product to a wider audience. For additional entries, I ask entrants to re-tweet, re-post and occasionally use other social networking sites to promote the giveaway - thus providing your product exponential exposure. See? Win-win-win.

Oh, and on occasion, I also get paid to write. Double shocker. When that happens, I will provide a link to this disclosure. That’s my secret handshake version of telling you “hey, YOU! I got BANK for this one…”. Feel free to send me a virtual high five.

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